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    “Alcafus” is a story about mysterious friends the hero / Tadashi met on a boy’s day. He discovered that a girl with ears and a tail like a beast was falling down at a shrine, gave her a candy ball that she had and adored. Ten years have passed since then, when I heard her voice calling myself, Tadashi visited a memorable shrine and strayed into a mysterious world.

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    Alcafus - Raw Chap 7.2

    Alcafus - Raw Chap 8.2

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    Alcafus - Raw Chap 6.2 1367 Views

    Alcafus - Raw Chap 6.1 2577 Views

    Alcafus - Raw Chap 5 3601 Views

    Alcafus - Raw Chap 4 3784 Views

    Alcafus - Raw Chap 3 4677 Views

    Alcafus - Raw Chap 2 7848 Views

    Alcafus - Raw Chap 1 8549 Views



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