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    A twelve year old boy from a lesser known school of swordsmanship is known to be an outstanding prodigy. A demonstration match with wooden swords is arranged for the local lord, and an instructor from a nearby school is called to be his opponent. The instructor, not taking the boy seriously at first, learns quickly that he should not take the boy for granted. Both of them settle into a serious fight with their pride as warriors on the line. The match is hard fought, but finally the boy wins, and sets in motion a cascade of unforeseen consequences. While the boy is ferocious with the sword, he is ignorant of the intricacies of politics and court politeness that can even be deadlier that a blade. And when the instructor decides to kill himself out of shame, that is a consequence that shakes the boy out of his simplistic notions that sword matches are simply contests of skill, especially when the instructor requests that the boy be his second and cut his head off! Asagiro is a detailed period piece with compelling art, great sword-fights and it shows how important pride and position were in ancient Japan.

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    Asagiro - Asagi Ookami - Raw Chap 120

    Asagiro - Asagi Ookami - Raw Chap 121

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