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    Beard to sunglasses ‘s hospitality “In addition to the grandpa and Ryunosuke’ s house, a naive grandson, Karasa came! Ryunosuke asked for a baby girlfriend who came back is trying to respond to the expectations of his grandchildren, but the request of the torpedoes is just casual … !? Popular work of topic noisy in the SNS! “Good-bye” Grandpa and “gauntlet” grandchild spin it Does it hurt? Comedy is a long-awaited serialization!

    Maybe coming in

    Kowamote Kawamote - Raw Chap 5

    Kowamote Kawamote - Raw Chap 6

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    Kowamote Kawamote - Raw Chap 4 236 Views

    Kowamote Kawamote - Raw Chap 3 149 Views

    Kowamote Kawamote - Raw Chap 2 157 Views

    Kowamote Kawamote - Raw Chap 1 337 Views



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